Terms and conditions

Ownership of Content:

The website owner of TestBankGoo.com holds the right to all the content shown on this website including the products, samples, and advertising content. Information such as the book’s title, author, or cover images is only for student use. Also, this is to know about the material. Furthermore, the material is not for sale in any manner. The design, logo, templates, and concepts present in this website are the property of the site’s owner. The owner does not allow external use.

Rights of Usage:

The download of material from this website or otherwise which is received from the website owner is for academic use. Also, the one purchasing it shouldn’t use it for any other use. Reselling or redistributing of content with or without any money involved is not allowed and legal action will be taken if something of such sort is discovered.

Customers who are paying for a particular digital content may own and use the material. It is their responsibility to stick to government and academic rules. Also, the site owner shall not be responsible for any claims from the authorities. What the customer does, the owner isn’t responsible for it.

Terms of Payment:

A single purchase mentioned and displayed on the page of the product is what the customer will be paying. You don’t need to pay extra money to get this test bank. A single price for this test bank is all there is to it. We sell each product separately as per the site owner.

The site owner can also take back a special offer. The final price will be on the website to show the customer how much money they are to pay for it.

We do not allow giving any payment info to the website or any of its employees such as credit or debit card numbers. You should not carry out any form of banking through any means of communication. Keep all your important info to yourself. The only payment process which is going to take place shall be through the right payment ways. We will also make sure that these ways are safe and secure for the customer.

Refund Policy:

The aim of Test Bank Goo is to make sure our payment method is secure. Be it verification or purchase, we do it the right way. Furthermore, we have checkpoints to make sure that you can verify the product before buying it. All our products are digital downloads and cannot be returned. If a problem shows up due to our staff or because of any technical failure then we shall handle it fairly. For our customers, we have our emails and live chat which can help resolve such cases.


Also, any issue which comes up relating to the terms above will be dealt with in the courts of law. According to the filing and ensuing of the second party of the dispute.

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