Personal Conflict Management Theory and Practice 1st Edition by Suzanne McCorkle

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  •  ISBN-10 0205499880
  • ISBN-13  9780205499885
Desk of Content material

Part I: Interpersonal Conflict Causes and Patterns Chapter 1: Conflict in On a regular basis Life Why Research Conflict Common Assumptions about Interpersonal Conflict Useful Elements of Interpersonal Conflict Defining Interpersonal Conflict Interpersonal Conflict is Completely different from Argument Chapter 2: Main Approaches to Conflict Management The Objective of Theory Nature vs. Nurture Communication Theory Theories Influencing Conflict Management Research Rising Theories Chapter 3: Aggressive and Cooperative Approaches The Aggressive Strategy The Cooperative Strategy When Worlds Collide Supportive and Defensive Climates Chapter 4: Causes of Conflict Conflict Subjects are Not Essentially Conflict Causes Conflict Behaviors Are Motivated by Causes that Make Sense Conflict Behaviors are Realized Objective Interference Causes Conflict Notion Patterns Have an effect on How Targets Are Interpreted Targets are Dynamic Expertise to Improve Targets Evaluation and Improvement Chapter 5: Interpersonal Conflict Variables Variables in Interpersonal Conflict Conflict Management Variables Sources of Conflict Patterns Part II: Conflict Management Expertise Chapter 6: Listening and Searching for Info An Introduction to Listening Varieties of Listening Efficient Listening Expertise for Conflict Managers Chapter 7: Kinds and Habits Patterns What’s Fashion? Persona Kinds Conflict Management Kinds Communication Behaviors that Have an effect on Conflict Management Emotional Intelligence Practical vs. Dysfunctional Kinds Chapter 8: Negotiation The Worlds of Negotiation Aggressive Negotiation Cooperative Negotiation Transferring from Aggressive to Collaborative Further Negotiation Variables Chapter 9: Conflict Evaluation Understanding Conflict from the Inside Out Conflict Evaluation: First Degree Instruments Conflict Evaluation: Complete Conflict Guidelines Idea-Primarily based Evaluation Instruments Creating an Evaluation Software Transformation is the Key Part III: Past the Fundamentals Chapter 10: Tough Individuals and Bullies An Overview of Tough Encounters Crucial Classes About Tough Encounters Particular Tough Encounters Bullying and Violence Chapter 11: Transferring Past Self Assist Approaches to Fixing Conflict Conflict Teaching Third Occasion Decision Processes Mediation Mediator Obligations Mediator Approaches The Balanced Mannequin of Mediation Chapter 12: Managing the Aftermath: Anger, Apology, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation Anger Apologies Forgiveness Reconciliation Part IV: Conflict in Context Chapter 13: Household Communication and Conflict The Household as a Communication System What’s a Household? Satisfaction in Marriages and Households Conflict within the Household Conflict Management Expertise for Households Chapter 14: Conflict on the Office The Office is a Distinctive Context Office Communication The Nature of Teams Conflict within the Work Setting Stopping and Managing Conflict at Work Group Conflict Conflict Management Techniques Chapter 15: Conflict and Society Politics as Personal Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes Establish (Face) Threats Polarization Technique of Managing Social Conflict Methods of Group Actions Reframing Social Conflict Appendices A: A Six Step Technique for Managing the Tough Particular person Encounter B: The College Chain of Command C.: The Assembly Supervisor S Important Expertise to Forestall and Reasonable Conflict D: A Lifetime of Predictable Conflicts E: Pattern Mediation Case F: Media and Household Conflict Glossary References Index


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Personal Conflict Management Theory and Practice 1st Edition by Suzanne McCorkle
Personal Conflict Management Theory and Practice 1st Edition by Suzanne McCorkle

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $24.97.

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