Psychology in Modules, 13th Edition David Myers, Nathan DeWall

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1319341020
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1319341022

Desk of Contents

Teacher Preface

Pupil Preface: Pupil Success—How one can Apply Psychology to Reside Your Finest

The Story of Psychology
Module 1, What Is Psychology?
Considering Critically With Psychological Science
Module 2, Analysis Methods: How Psychologists Ask and Reply Questions
Module 3, Statistical Reasoning in On a regular basis Life

The Biology of Thoughts
Module 4, Neural and Hormonal Methods
Module 5, Instruments of Discovery, Older Mind Buildings, and the Limbic System
Module 6, The Cerebral Cortex

Consciousness and the Two-Observe Thoughts

Module 7, Fundamental Consciousness Ideas
Module 8, Sleep and Desires
Module 9, Medication and Consciousness

Nature, Nurture, and Human Variety
Module 10, Conduct Genetics: Predicting Particular person Variations
Module 11, Evolutionary Psychology: Explaining Human Nature and Nurture
Module 12, Tradition and Gender Variety: Understanding Nature and Nurture

Growing Via the Life Span

Module 13, Developmental Points, Prenatal Improvement, and the New child
Module 14, Infancy and Childhood
Module 15, Adolescence
Module 16, Maturity

Sensation and Notion
Module 17, Fundamental Ideas of Sensation and Notion
Module 18, Imaginative and prescient: Sensory and Perceptual Processing
Module 19, The Nonvisual Senses

Module 20, Fundamental Studying Ideas and Classical Conditioning
Module 21, Operant Conditioning
Module 22, Biology, Cognition, and Studying


Module 23, Learning and Encoding Recollections
Module 24, Storing and Retrieving Recollections
Module 25, Forgetting, Reminiscence Building, and Bettering Reminiscence

Considering and Language
Module 26, Considering
Module 27, Language and Thought


Module 28, What Is Intelligence?
Module 29 Intelligence Evaluation and Dynamics
Module 30, Genetic and Environmental Influences on Intelligence

What Drives Us: Starvation, Intercourse, Belonging, and Achievement
Module 31, Fundamental Motivational Ideas
Module 32, Starvation
Module 33, Sexual Motivation
Module 34, Affiliation and Achievement

Feelings, Stress, and Well being

Module 35, Introduction to Emotion
Module 36, Expressing Emotion
Module 37, Experiencing Emotion
Module 38, Stress and Sickness
Module 39, Well being and Coping

Social Psychology
Module 40, Social Considering
Module 41, Social Affect
Module 42, Delinquent Relations
Module 43, Prosocial Relations

Module 44, Introduction to Character and Psychodynamic Theories
Module 45, Humanistic Theories and Trait Theories
Module 46, Social-Cognitive Theories and the Self

Psychological Issues
Module 47, Introduction to Psychological Issues
Module 48, Nervousness-Associated Issues
Module 49, Depressive Issues and Bipolar Issues
Module 50, Schizophrenia
Module 51, Dissociative, Character, and Consuming Issues
Module 52, Neurodevelopmental Issues

Module 53, Introduction to Remedy and the Psychological Therapies
Module 54 Evaluating Psychotherapies
Module 55, Biomedical Therapies and Stopping Psychological Issues

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Psychology in Modules, 13th Edition David Myers,  Nathan DeWall
Psychology in Modules, 13th Edition David Myers, Nathan DeWall

Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $29.97.

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