Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults By Laurie KennedyTest Bank

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Test Bank For Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults By Laurie Kennedy

ISBN-10: 0803666616, ISBN-13: 9780803666610

Chapter 1: Changes with Aging

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. The major impact of the physiological changes that occur with aging is:
A. Reduced physiological reserve
B. Reduced homeostatic mechanisms
C. Impaired immunological response
D. All of the above

____ 2. The strongest evidence regarding normal physiological aging is available through:
A. Randomized controlled clinical trials
B. Cross-sectional studies
C. Longitudinal studies
D. Case control studies

____ 3. All of the following statements are true about laboratory values in older adults except:
A. Reference ranges are preferable
B. Abnormal findings are often due to physiological aging
C. Normal ranges may not be applicable for older adults
D. Reference values are not necessarily acceptable values

____ 4. Biochemical individuality is best described as:
A. Each individual’s variation is often much greater than that of a larger group
B. The unique biochemical profile of a selected population
C. The truly “normal” individual—falling within average range
D. Each individual’s variation is often much smaller than that of a larger group

____ 5. Polypharmacy is best described as taking:
A. More than nine medications per day
B. More than five medications per day
C. Even a single medication if there is not a clear indication for its use
D. When a drug is given to treat the side effect of another drug

____ 6. Pharmacokinetic changes with aging is reflective of:
A. What the drug does to the body
B. What the body does to the drug
C. The effect at the site of action and the time and intensity of the drug
D. The side effects commonly associated with the drug

____ 7. All the following statements are false about drug absorption except:
A. Antacids increase the bioavailability of digitalis
B. Gastric acidity decreases with age
C. Anticholinergics increase colonic motility
D. Underlying chronic disease has little impact on drug absorption

____ 8. All of the following statements are true about drug distribution in the elderly except:
A. Drugs distributed in water have lower concentration
B. Drugs distributed in fat have less intense, more prolonged effect
C. Drugs highly protein bound have greater potential to cause an adverse drug reaction
D. The fastest way to deliver a drug to the action site is by inhalation

____ 9. Men have faster and more efficient biotransformation of drugs and this is thought to be due to:
A. Less obesity rates than women
B. Prostate enlargement
C. Testosterone
D. Less estrogen than women

____ 10. The cytochrome p system involves enzymes that are generally:
A. Inhibited by drugs
B. Induced by drugs
C. Inhibited or induced by drugs
D. Associated with decreased liver perfusion

____ 11. A statement not shown to be true about pharmacodynamics changes with aging is:
A. Decreased sensitivity to oral anticoagulants
B. Enhanced sensitivity to central nervous system drugs
C. Drug responsiveness can be influenced by patient activity level
D. There is a decreased sensitivity to beta blockers

____ 12. Atypical presentation of disease in the elderly is reflected by all the following except:
A. Infection without fever
B. Depression without dysphoric mood
C. Myocardial infarction with chest pain and diaphoresis
D. Cardiac manifestations of thyroid disease

____ 13. Functional abilities are best assessed by:
A. Self-report of function
B. Observed assessment of function
C. A comprehensive head-to-toe examination
D. Family report of function

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Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults By Laurie KennedyTest Bank
Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults By Laurie KennedyTest Bank

Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $34.97.

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