Immune System 4th Edition By Parham-Test Bank

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Test Bank For Immune System 4th Edition By Parham

ISBN-10: 0815345267, ISBN-13: 978-0815345268


1–1 The last cases of smallpox were reported in the _____.
a. 1950s
b. 1960s
c. 1970s
d. 1980s
e. 1990s.

1–2 The first line of defense against microorganisms that infect the body is referred to as _____.
a. opportunistic immunity
b. innate immunity
c. adaptive immunity
d. primary immunity
e. central immunity.

1–3 Which of the following pairs is mismatched?
a. innate immunity: highly specialized defenses
b. secondary immune response: immunological memory
c. hematopoiesis: bone marrow
d. phagocytosis: uptake and killing of microbes
e. lymphocyte recirculation: continuous transport between blood and lymph.

1–4 All of the following are examples of chemical barriers of innate immunity except _____.
a. lactic acid
b. normal microbiota
c. lysozyme
d. fatty acids
e. proteases.

1–5 When effector lymphocytes secrete _____, an inflammatory response ensues.
a. lysozyme
b. defensins
c. lymph
d. sebum
e. cytokines.

1–6 The thin layer of cells that makes up the interior lining of the blood vessels is called the _____.
a. mucosa
b. epithelium
c. endothelium
d. connective tissue
e. lymphoid tissue.

1–7 Identify the incorrect statement regarding hematopoiesis.
a. Hematopoiesis is a continuous process that occurs throughout one’s lifetime.
b. The location for hematopoiesis differs with age.
c. Self renewal is necessary to replenish the supply of hematopoietic stem cells.
d. Most hematopoiesis occurs in the bone marrow after birth.
e. Leukocytes, but not erythrocytes, must go through hematopoiesis in order to develop.

1–8 The progenitors of macrophages are _____.
a. megakaryocytes
b. dendritic cells
c. monocytes
d. neutrophils
e. erythrocytes
f. M cells.

1–9 _____ act as cellular messengers by delivering degraded pathogens to lymphoid organs.
a. Plasma cells
b. Dendritic cells
c. Large granular lymphocytes
d. Mast cells
e. Basophils.

1–10 Another name for a large granular lymphocyte is a _____.
a. plasma cell
b. helper T cell
c. monocyte
d. natural killer cell
e. eosinophil.

1–11 Effector cells that secrete antibodies are known as _____.
a. natural killer cells
b. cytotoxic T cells
c. helper T cells
d. M cells
e. plasma cells
f. regulatory T cells.

1–12 Spherical regions in lymph nodes containing areas that are packed densely with proliferating B cells are called _____.
a. efferent vessels
b. germinal centers
c. red pulp zones
d. periarterial lymphoid sheaths
e. medullary sinuses.

1–13 The _____ is (are) the lymphoid organ(s) that filter(s) the blood.
a. spleen
b. tonsils
c. Peyer’s patches
d. appendix
e. adenoids.

1–14 _____ cells persist long after an individual has been vaccinated.
a. Neutrophil
b. Plasma
c. Memory
d. M
e. Mast.

1–15 During an infection, _____ are mobilized in large numbers from the bone marrow.
a. dendritic cells
b. memory cells
c. macrophages
d. neutrophils
e. B cells.

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Immune System 4th Edition By Parham-Test Bank
Immune System 4th Edition By Parham-Test Bank

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $24.97.

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