Integrated Science 7th Edition By Bill Tiller-Test Bank

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Test Bank For Integrated Science 7th Edition By Bill Tiller

Chapter 1 What Is Science?

1) The property of mass is a measure of how heavy an object is.

2) A referent is a familiar object one can use to describe a property of a different object.

3) Pseudoscience is always used to mislead people.

4) A 100 g piece of iron has twice the volume as a 50 g piece of iron.

5) The mass of 1000 cm3 of water is a kilogram.

6) The density of a 100 g piece of iron is twice as great as the density of a 50 g piece of iron.

7) A scientific law describes how certain parts of nature are observed to act.

8) The symbol ∝ has the meaning of “is proportional to”

9) A theory is a hypothesis that has been shown to be correct by many experiments.

10) The symbol “∆” is used to refer to an object’s density.

11) Equations are used to
A) describe a property.
B) define a concept.
C) describe how quantities change together.
D) All of the choices are correct.

12) Measured properties that have different values at different times are
A) the result of measurement errors.
B) impossible.
C) called variables.
D) called scientific flukes.

13) In the text, the equation V = tk is used to describe the relationship between the volume of a gas tank and the time required to fill it. The symbol “k”
A) has units of min/gal.
B) is a variable.
C) is a proportionality constant.
D) depends on the length of time.

14) When two variables increase or decrease together in the same ratio they
A) are in direct proportion.
B) are in inverse proportion.
C) can have numerical value only.
D) must have both value and units.

15) Measurement is the process of comparing a ________ to a well-defined ________.
A) finding; result
B) unit; referent
C) property; referent
D) result; variable

16) Which one of the following is not a fundamental property?
A) length
B) weight
C) time
D) mass

17) Suppose a cube of Jello is cut into two pieces. What property stays the same comparing the original piece with one of the new pieces?
A) mass
B) volume
C) density
D) surface area

18) When something cannot be directly observed, it can be represented by a
A) hypothesis.
B) graph.
C) model.
D) theory.

19) Which measure in the metric system is defined by using an object for a referent?
A) length
B) mass
C) time
D) charge

20) The property of volume is a measure of
A) how much matter an object contains.
B) the compactness of matter in a given space.
C) the extent of the surface of an object.
D) how much space an object occupies.

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Integrated Science 7th Edition By Bill Tiller-Test Bank
Integrated Science 7th Edition By Bill Tiller-Test Bank

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $24.97.

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