Juvenile Justice 6th International Edition by Kären M. Hess

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Chapter 1- Juvenile Justice: Definitions, Measurement and Course of

A number of Selection

1. The primary juvenile courtroom was established in:
a. 1899
b. 1910
c. 1818
d. 1925
ANS: A REF: 24 LO: 2

2. The philosophy that the federal government turns into accountable for the care of kids and youth is named:
a. the kid saver idea
b. juvenile justice system
c. lex talionis
d. parens patriae
ANS: D REF: 34 LO: 1

3. An act that will not be thought-about against the law if dedicated by an grownup is known as:
a. juvenile classification
b. standing offense
c. delinquency
d. adjudication
ANS: B REF: 3 LO: 2

4. The age at which a youth comes underneath the juvenile courtroom’s jurisdiction is established by:
a. the US Division of Justice
b. the FBI
c. every state
d. District Courts
ANS: C REF: 4 LO: 2

5. The darkish determine of crime is centered on which one of many following:
a. crimes that solely happen at evening
b. true variety of crimes
c. solely refers to UCR Index I offenses
d. white collar crimes
ANS: B REF: 14 LO: 3



6. Holding offenders accountable to the sufferer refers to:
a. retributive justice
b. distributive justice
c. restorative justice
d. common justice
ANS: C REF: 5 LO: 3

7. Data and statistics collected by the police, courts and/or correctional businesses is known as:
a. unofficial knowledge
b. official knowledge
c. self-report knowledge
d. jurisdiction report knowledge
ANS: B REF: 5 LO: 3

8. Which of the next is meant as a complement or alternative for the abstract knowledge of the UCR?
ANS: A REF: 9 LO: 4

9. Self-report research on delinquency point out that:
a. delinquency is regional
b. delinquency is larger in southern states
c. delinquency is sort of common
d. delinquency is larger in city areas
ANS: C REF: 10 LO: 5

10. The entire following are standing offenses besides:
a. curfew violations
b. smoking cigarettes
c. automotive theft
d. persistent truancy
ANS: C REF: 6 LO: 2

11. Which of the next is attribute of a state govt company having across-the-board state management of companies?
a. decentralized states
b. group and administration
c. centralized states
d. construction of delinquency companies
ANS: C REF: 16 LO: 7

12. The three primary elements of the juvenile justice system are:
a. legislation enforcement, social companies, and corrections
b. legislation enforcements, courts, and faculty
c. legislation enforcement, courts, and corrections
d. legislation enforcement, social companies, and courts
ANS: C REF: 16 LO: 3

13. The view that justice entails 4 events, offender and sufferer, authorities and neighborhood, is known as:
a. restorative justice
b. common justice
c. specific justice
d. retributive justice
ANS: A REF: 5 LO: 3

14. The official halting of formal juvenile proceedings towards an alleged offender and the referral to a therapy or care program by a non-public or public service company is named:
a. petitioning
b. diversion
c. detention
d. consumption
ANS: B REF: 18 LO: 6

15. The motion involving juveniles that’s akin to the preliminary listening to within the grownup system is known as:
a. dispositional listening to
b. probation listening to
c. adjudication listening to
d. switch to grownup courtroom
ANS: C REF: 19 LO: 6


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Juvenile Justice 6th International Edition by Kären M. Hess
Juvenile Justice 6th International Edition by Kären M. Hess

Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $29.97.

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